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​Problem of interest

​How to help people with physical disabilities retain their job and enhance hiring practices?

Design focuses

Product Design      UX Design​      Critical Design      Service Design

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​ATTUNE provides consultation services from a collective approach, which aims to forge a higher level of empathy through effective supervision, observation and active listening between management and staffs. It also helps promote collaborations and team spirit between different groups of employees.

Ultimately, it creates a safe space for employees to raise their concerns and actively seek help when in need. Regardless whether they have physical disabilities or not, no individuals should feel left behind, discriminated against or isolated.
Let's us take a look at...
​Based on real user research interviews from both business owners and experts


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-Create an inclusive space where everyone is respected and feels relaxed.

-Maintain a hygenic and safe work environment with staffs who are open-minded and motivated.

​-Bring positive experiences to his local community

-Find long-term employment to support herself.

-Hope to be welcomed and respected for her physical conditions at job interviews.

​Learn new skills, stay motivated and make contributions to her community. 
Pain Points

-Unable to make decisions regarding matters such as re-modelling, purchasing special equipment, etc.

-Unable to accept applicants with physical disabilities due to lack of resources, accommodations and funding.

​Concerned about workplace accidents and rish of being sued.
Pain Points

-Responsible to inform her employer about her condition and risk being rejected.

-Being discriminated or avoided by her past coworkers, in fear they might accidentally hurt her during work.

-Switch job constantly due to the lack of care, accomocations and resources at her previous workplaces  
Basic training program and standardized tools don't always get the job done!
Like any jobs out there, new tools and materials are always in demand to enhance efficiency. While those are regularly updated, there's a lack of attention and awareness when it comes to specialized tools for workers with physical disabilities.
​Next, think about how "permanent work" means to you
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​The gaps in our existing models of services
  • Successful companies often prioritize their business over social responsibilities and tend to stay out of the circle.
  • Despite the Government's efforts in creating campaigns and offering incentives, favouritism and a lack of empathy remain an on-going issue when it comes to hiring practices.
  • ​Differences in priority, mindsets and social stigmas are the most difficult barriers to overcome
Here's how ATTUNE fills in the gaps
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​How it works:
Private consultation with ATTUNE's consultants


Work solution development at ATTUNE


New Tools & Products proposals


Implementation of new tools at workplace

​How we price it:

 Service packages and fees are determined based on:

  • The size of the business

  • The number of consultees

  • The cost of research and development of solutions

In addition to addressing the needs of employees with physical disabilities, ATTUNE provides guidance, resources as well as access to financial support to both management bodies and their members.

This allows them to transform the workplace into a diverse; well-equipped; barrier-free environment where talents are nurtured and everyone can perform at their best.
ATTUNE aims to maintain and expand its connections among different public sectors, employment centres and non-profit organizations to make sure that services are accessible to companies that wish to support employees with physical disabilities.
All consultees are due for a 6 months follow-up meeting. This helps ATTUNE stay informative of their clients' experience after the consultation ended as well as maintaining positive customer relationship. The meeting goes over their work life after solutions have been implemented.

Constructive and insightful feedbacks from clients are crucial to honing our practice and identifying opportunities for future innovation.
Through a human-centre approach, ATTUNE was founded with a strong desire to bring down communication barriers and social stigmas towards people with physical disabilities. It is important to create a safe space for open and meaningful conversations between employers and employees. When people gain mutual understandings and empathy towards one another, it boosts productivity, innovation, inclusivity and thus foster a much healthier work environment.


The ultimate goal is to introduce A workforce of the future where disabilities are transformed into abilities; where people are adaptive to changes and are open-minded towards different skill levels; where talents are utilized and given the acknowledgement that they deserve.

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