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​Problem of interest

​Is there someone you know who might have an Eating Disorder?

Design focuses

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​Stay connected - Stay informed
HEED's Network is an app developed to connect and support participants of the HEED Project. The app features a network that connects professional doctors, psychiatrists, psychologist as well as other educators of Eating Disorders and individuals who participated in the program.

It helps people stay connected and continue to receive support post-workshop activities. In addition, the app includes an AI assistant which can help users communicate effectively with patients of Eating Disorders.
​Heed the silent voice of eating disorders
User Flow Map.png
A flow map of HEED's Network structures, including essential build-in features such as the AI Assistant.
​User Flow Map
​Your support network within
our safe virtual space
  • Maintain contact beyond the workshop.
  • A safe space for non-violent communication.
  • Receive mutual support and share resources from both regular participants and professionals.
Learn & Give back -
​All within your communities
Participate in nearby events and workshops to meet your people who are going through similar experiences, regardless if they are patients of Eating Disorders or patient's loved ones.

​OR better, you can
also give back by volunteering in these events.

Eddie - your personal "therapy" partner!
​Eddie is your trustworthy virtual buddy who will be assisting you in learning non-violent communication.
​Personalized experience
Spend only 15-30 minutes a day, you can set up your own schedule and let Eddie accompany you through a series of chat sessions, with random scenarios and locations to help build healthy speaking habits!
Enhance your empathy level and become more mindful through each and every evaluation! 
Access to HOTLINE services
Are you in a state of panic and are
simply looking for immediate advice?
blue call button.png
Are you or your loved one experiencing
a life-threatening emergency?
red call button.png
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