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Inspirations & Processes

A band-aid for emotional wounds

​It all started from a piece of band-aid

I have a habit of carrying band-aids wherever I go, thus they were the first thing that stood out when I was searching for inspirations for my final thesis. Band-aids help protect and heal minor injuries that happen when we perform our daily activities. Band-aid was the first aid solution for anything, from a small scratch to a bleeding, open wound. Nevertheless, have we ever considered performing similar first-aid solution on our emotional wounds while they are still small and manageable? Moreover, as we sustain these "invisible" wounds, how do our minds and bodies communicate in relation to our emotional and physical well-being? With these questions in mind, I began my thesis journey.

Research.. and.. more research!

​Organizing Data - Diagrams - User Journey Maps

Generating Concepts & Prototyping

Context, User Testing, further concept explorations

​Context, Branding, Prototyping (TBU) 

​Thank you for your time!

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