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​My name is Kim, a tropical child born and raised in the bustle and hustle of Saigon - Vietnam. I graduated with a bachelor of Industrial Design and a minor in Business & Social Innovation from OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design).

During my journey at OCAD, I discovered a strong interest in User Experience and Service Design. I believe, when combined and utilized with other disciplines, design can become an essential medium in identifying problems and tackling opportunities for areas of improvement in many aspects of life.  I enjoy seeing practical outcomes and how they bring positive impact to people's lives, whether it is to make a task less challenging for persons with disabilities or simply a fun product that put a smile on people's faces.


As a designer, I learn quickly and am detail-oriented. My strengths lie in my ability to observe and empathize with my user groups, as well as being strategically adaptive to unexpected changes during the design process. From there, I break down the pain points in details and solve them step-by-step in various scenarios. Within these steps, I enjoy exploring the problem space and coming up with insignful solutions which can be tailored to other groups of user. 


I'm also trained in other departments such as UX/UI, rapid prototyping, 3D rendering, 2D animation, basic graphic desig, website development, product fabrications and more.

Aside from design works, I'm a trilingual professional baker (with many years of experience in the baking/ desserts industry) who love to feed others. I also enjoy working out, biking, ice skating, hiking among other outdoor activities.


P/s: I love my iced drinks even when it's -40 degrees outside.

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